Social Policy in Times of Uncertainty

The 8th EASP international conference will be held at the Hong Kong Institute of Education on 'Social Policy in East Asia and Beyond: Rethinking Social Policy Strategies in Times of Uncertainty' The fast changing economic climate is creating substantial pressure for welfare state restructuring worldwide. In this year's EASP conference, we explore challenges faced and the responses required in the East Asian region and discuss intensified impacts of global restructuring of welfare and the nature of welfare state adaptation in East Asia and beyond. The EASP international conference will provide a forum for lively discussion on the new social challenges following the unprecedented scale of the recent global financial crisis and the region's welfare restructuring efforts in relation to the fast changing global economic order...more

 Thank you for your support

Once again I would like to thank you for your participation in the 8th EASP Annual Conference successfully held in the last two days. Without your presence and support, we won't be able to make the conference happen in Hong Kong. On behalf of the Hong Kong Institute of Education, I would express my sincere thanks to you again...more