Dynamic Analysis of Children's Social Exclusion

Viewing the literature, there is no research seems children as subjective to analyze the issues of children's exclusion in Taiwan. Child was a person who understands his/her life. Childhood must seem as a social experience. Once children are treat as a subjective to concern their participation and social inclusion, the risks of children exclusion are need to be taken into account. In hence, the main focus of this research, which is children-centred approach in nature, is to obtain a comprehensive understanding the dynamic process of children's social exclusion in Taiwan. It will examine the following issues: 1.analyzing the concept of social exclusion in Taiwan, particularly children's social exclusion, 2.understanding children's social exclusion phenomena; and 3.basing on research findings to provide policy implications.
The study underlines the necessity of examining the phenomena and the dynamic process of children's social exclusion in Taiwan. This study tries to use literature analysis, focus group, interviews to collect data. The findings of the research could help with the arrangements of social policy. The contributions of this research will, it is hoped remind us that when welfare planners try to design action plan for children, must under the consideration of children-centred approach to know the phenomena of children's social exclusion.