Paper Session 1: 30th August, 13:00-15:00

1.1 Political Economy Moderator: Bo-Yung Kim

WEN Zhuoyi 1.1.1 The Political Economy of Public-Private Partnership in Social Welfare: The Case of Hong Kong
Chuan-Ching HWANG 1.1.2 The Driving Force behind Taiwanese Welfare State: rethinking the influence of ethnical factor
Myungsook Woo 1.1.3 The Pathway to a 'Small' Welfare State in South Korea: Welfare Politics of Continuity and Change in the Post-Democratization Period
Shirley Hsiao-Li SUN 1.1.4 Lost in Translation: Economic Development and Lowest Low Fertility in Singapore

1.2 Family and Gender Moderator: Shu-yun (Jessie) Wu

Chin-Fen Chang 1.2.1 Dynamic Analysis of Children's Social Exclusion
Ying-Chun Lin 1.2.2 Rethinking the Family Policy in East Asia: with the changing of gender roles
Suet Lin HUNG and Kwok Kin FUNG 1.2.3 Gendering Welfare: Meaning of Care and Work of Lone Mothers

1.3 Education Moderator: Shinichi Murota

Wing-kit CHAN and Xuan WU 1.3.1 Higher Education Expansion in East Asia: How it is Financed and What are the Impacts on Access?
King-lun NGOK and Shiyu LU 1.3.2 Graduate Unemployment in East Asia: Oversupply, Mismatching or Overeducation?
Raymond K H Chan & Ying WANG 1.3.3 Autonomous and Control: the Dilemma of Minban Education Reform in China
William Yat Wai Lo 1.3.4 Educational Inequality in the Age of Competition for World-class Status in Taiwan

1.4 Social Protection Moderator: Chris Holden

Zhaiwen Peng
1.4.1 The Introduction of Workfare in Mainland China: Illusion of Welfare Dependency and "Conditional" Citizenship
Yu-cheung Wong and Vincent Lee 1.4.2 Push and Pull Factors to Work: The Experience of the Hong Kong Single Parent Welfare Recipients in Seeking Employment
Tsung-hsi Fu, Ming-ju Wu, Hsiao-chun Wu and Yin-han Kuo 1.4.3 The Take-Up of Social Assistance: A Survey in a Southern Taiwan City
Sophia Seung-Yoon LEE

1.4.4 The Institutional Conditions of Labour Market Risks: A Fuzzy-set Analysis of Long-term Unemployment and non-standard Employment in 18 OECD Countries

Paper Session 2: 30th August 15:20-17:20

2.1 Political Economy Moderator: Kyo-seong Kim

Lih-jiuan Fann, Tsui-chen Chen and Yuchia Chen

2.1.1 The Advocacy Function of Social Worker served in Indigenous Family and Woman Service Centers in Taiwan

Peter Abrahamson 2.1.2 Facing Demographic Challenges in East and West: Employing the Concept of Social Generations
Gyu-Jin Hwang 2.1.3 Common Path, Divergent Patterns: Social Protection by Other Means in Australia and Japan
John Hudson and Bo-yung Kim

2.1.4 Exploring Policy Transfer in Practice: A Case Study of UK-Korea Policy Learning Activities

2.2 Old-age Moderator: Tsung-hsi Fu

On-Kwok Lai 2.2.1 When Outsider Becomes Insider: Contradictions of Transnational Home-Helping Regime in Ageing Asia
Henglien Lisa Chen 2.2.2 Partnership in implementing successful ageing in long-term care of older people: cross-national learning from England, the Netherlands and Taiwan
Ng Kok Hoe 2.2.3 Rethinking old-age income security in Hong Kong and Singapore - An Analysis of Elderly Income and Family Support

Meng-Shan. Wu,Chi-Yu. Hsiao, Po-Tsung.Chen

2.2.4 The community organization of aging in place: A case study of Chuang-Rong community in Tainan, Taiwan

2.3 Health and Wellbeing Moderator: Carolyn Snell

TSAI Hung-Jeng 2.3.1 How to Understand Postwar Chinese Welfare Regime?
Sabrina Ching Yuen Luk 2.3.2 Health Insurance Reform in Hong Kong in an Era of Change
Wen FENG 2.3.3 Public Regime Transformation of Welfare Provision: Puzzle and Breakthrough of Public Healthcare Sector Reform in China
Pei-Yuen Tsai 2.3.4 The Transformation of Work-family Balance Policies in Taiwan

2.4 Family and Gender Moderator: Sun-Hae (Grace) Lee

Zhirong Hao 2.4.1 Domestic Care Work Triangle: Rethinking the Nature and Gender Relations of the Domestic Care Work in China
Liu Hong
2.4.2 Care Regime and an Ethic of Care
Maggie LAU and Wanxin LI 2.4.3 The extent of family and school social capital promoting positive subjective well-being among children in Shenzhen, China
Young Choi and Theresa Cha 2.4.4 The Relationships between Child Care Participation of grandparents and their satisfaction among different age groups

2.5 Panel Session: Work & Welfare Nexus Moderator: Chan-ung Park

Chris K C Chan & ZhaiYujuan 2.5.1 Towards a Better Labour Protection
Kammimura Yasuhiro
2.5.2 A Review of Active Labour Market in Japan
Chan-ung Park and Dongchul Jung 2.5.3 A Review of Active Labour Market in Korea: Employment Insurance and National Basic Livelihood Security System
Ramond Chan and Chris K C Chan 2.5.4 Promoting Work-A Review of Active Labour Market in Hong Kong
Peter Jen-der Lue 2.5.5 Promoting Work-A Review of Active Labour Market in Taiwan
Paper Session 3: 31st August 09:00-10:30

3.1 Welfare Regimes Moderator: Peter Abrahamson

Chan Kam-wah 3.1.1 Flexibilization of Welfare: welfare strategies in Asian societies
Jonathan London 3.1.2 Historical Welfare Regimes

Stefan Kühner and Daniel Neff

3.1.3 Revisiting the Globalisation-Welfare Nexus: the Dependent and Independent Variable in Quantitative Comparative Research

3.2 Immigration Moderator: Yeun-wen Ku

Chulhyo Kim 3.2.1 Economic and Social Rights of Refugees in South Korea: A Review of Laws and Policies
MinChul Hwang
3.2.2 Rethinking Utilization of Integration Service among Immigrant Wives in Korea: focusing on Service Users' Perspective
Ip lam-chong 3.2.3 Class, City and State in China: Reappraisal of the Discourse on "Ant Tribe" (yizu)

3.3 Social Protection Moderator: John Hudson

Heather Xiaoquan Zhang and Laihua Wang

3.3.1 Poverty Dynamics and Institutional Change in Urban China

Hye Jin Choi, Guen Hye Park and Young-Jun Choi 3.3.2 Recalibrating self-sufficiency in East Asian context: From Productivist to Productive Consideration
Kyo-seong Kim and Sung-wook Kim 3.3.3 Exploring the East-Asian welfare regime focused on the welfare-labor nexus

3.4 Housing and Inequality Moderator: Wing-kit Chan

Feng-shuo Chang 3.4.1 Determinant of migrant workers' income and housing conditions - A case study in Dongguan, China
Betty Yung and Fung-ping Lee 3.4.2 'Equal Right to Housing' in Hong Kong Housing Policy: Perspectives from Disadvantaged Groups

3.5 Health and Well-being Moderator: Takafumi Uzuhashi

Agenosono Yoshiko, An Seung-Hee and Kamozawa Saori 3.5.1 Health Policy amongst care workers in 3 countries: Japan, Korea and UK
Shu-yun WU 3.5.2 Hidden Carers in Taiwan: Understanding Young Carers
Sulki Chung, Jae Eun Park and Jae Kyoung Lee 3.5.3 Influence of Alcohol Behavior on Suicide Ideation and Suicide Attempts among Youths: Findings from the 2009 Korean Youth Risk Behavior Survey
Paper Session 4: 31st August 13:50-15:20

4.1 Welfare Regimes Moderator: Yeon-Myung Kim

Wu Xiaofang 4.1.1 Whose Guardian? The Transformation of East Asian Welfare Regime
Vincent Lee 4.1.2 Retreat and Passive? Hong Kong's Social Policies under Donald Tsang's Administration, 2005-2011
Enrique Valencia Lomelí 4.1.3 Social Actors and Welfare Regimes in South Korea and Mexico (1987-2010)

4.2 Political Economy Moderator: Maggie Lau

Mulyadi Sumarto 4.2.1 Welfare Regime, Clientelism, and Social Capital: Evidence from Indonesia
Linda Maduz 4.2.2 The Political Process behind welfare state development in East Asia
Jwu-Shang Chen and Daniel He-chiun Liou 4.2.3 When Tribe encounters Nation: Examining Judicial Verdicts on Indigenous People's Reservation Land from a Culture-Welfare Right Perspective

4.3 Old-age & Labour Market Moderator: Sophia Seung-yoon Lee

Ming-fang Chen 4.3.1 New Social Risks and Welfare State Restructuring in South Korea and Taiwan
Song-lin Huang and Yin Han Kuo 4.3.2 Social Care Exclusion among Elderly Groups in Taiwan

4.4 Gender and Care Moderator: Junko Yamashita

Mi-young An 4.4.1 Are welfare settlements after the economic crisis in Korea inclusive of women? Reforms of Pension Policy
Leung Lai Ching and Chan Kam Wah 4.4.2 Narrating Men's Problem from a Gender Perspective
Lee, Carmel, K.M. and Ho, L. S. 4.4.3 Mixed Economy of Care or Nobody Care? A Critique of a Decade of Reforms in Long Term Care for the Elderly in Hong Kong